C.W. Beck and Sons builds homes with the belief that, in their business, you first build relationship and trust and then a really, really cool house. Their clients don’t have to second guess anything. Interfacing integrity and confidence into each job, ranging from custom homes to commercial & industrial building, from concept to completion, C.W. Beck and Son's 35 years of business ethic and job site management makes them a stand alone in this business. For home builders, dream builders, and your hard hats on the job, go with C.W. Beck and Sons.

As the C.E.O. of C.W. Beck and Sons and as a general Contractor, C.W. oversees every detail and aspect of the job. Onsite he fosters a environment of high moral, teamwork, and excellence. It might be fair to say that his passion for home building is on one side of a coin paired with his love for building relationships on the other.

Although kings are a thing of the past, C.W. has hammered in every nail, hung every doorframe, and detailed every set of plans with the same mastery one would perform for a king. It was this standard of excellence, paired with a carpenters tool belt, that put him through college and set him on the course to being the home builder he is today.

He received his formal education at R. B. T. C. where he was disciplined in Pastoral Leadership with a strong emphasis in moral conduct. C.W. graduated with a 4.O g.p.a. This background in ethics equipped him with the tools to build relationships on a team of varied personalities, cultures, and beliefs.

Being an adventurer, C.W. went on to complete the Cessna pilot training program. There receiving a private pilot’s license. He is still known to enjoy taking to the skies.

He began to become well known in his exploits as a finish carpenter. C.W. pushed forward in his career and went back to the books. He received his California General Contracting license and, in doing, built the doorway to a promising future; the successful General Contracting business he has today.

Many of the custom homes of California have C.W. Beck’s signature on them. C.W. has built flawless architectural masterpieces from full scope residential estates to industrial and commercial buildings, schools, and military housing in Afghanistan. C.W. is a skilled master in every aspect of building a home. From lot grading to foundation laying, from frame building to electrical and plumbing, from scaling the scaffolding to hauling 4×4’s over his shoulder, from concrete pouring to flooring, from drywall to insulation, from stucco walls to clay roofs, from painting to finish carpentry, from landscaping to hardscaping, from pushing a wheelbarrow to sweeping up sawdust, from measuring to more measuring, from a frame to a mansion, from a structure to a home… he can do it all.

C.W. now has 35 + years of business ethic and job site management under his belt.

The clients of C.W. Beck and Sons still come back after many years, ready to build that next dream house. C.W. didn’t just build their project, he built a relationship with them. It isn’t uncommon at all for this man to become one of the family, because that’s just how it goes with Chuck Beck.

“I was trained to always pay attention to detail,” says C.W., “Customer satisfaction has always been accomplished by building excellence in the team. Professionalism is produced on each project by a strong work ethic instilled in the team at pre job briefings, task training, but most of all by example. The most important key to having a successful project is empowering your team to succeed and building excellence in every manager and craftsman. I believe building your team is the most important element to success.”

In addition to being a master builder, this man is the real thing when it comes to a leader. Almost every carpenter, electrician, plumber, and construction worker that has been on one of C.W.’s job sites has come to see him as a mentor. One even called himself C.W.’s “red headed step child.” C.W.’s easy smile, big heart, and ability to see people have gone with him on every job, even as far as the Middle East.

C.W. spent a little over 4 years in Afghanistan working with the Logistic Civil Augmentation Plan (LOGCAP IV) providing Base life support initiatives and a variety of other construction services to the United States Military and ISAF forces. While at FOB Salerno he was responsible for Mentoring 53 local nationals and 25 tradesman, as well as implementing safety management and leadership programs. He was sent to Firebase Chamkani, FOB Gardez, and Camp Phoenix to manage the Department of Public Works as O&M manager as well as site supervision. He was responsible for 1080+ facilities and over 200 tradesmen.

Men who had no interest in their work in a war torn Afghanistan, made a complete 360 when they came into contact with Chuck Beck. Because he believes in instilling value in people, they instill value in their work.

C.W. giving a motivational speech on his FOB.

One of the deeper truths that C.W. holds to is that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Charles Beck is married to his sweetheart of 31 years, Ramona, and has five incredible children, and one seriously adorable grandson who calls him “Poppi.”