Master craftsmanship is the signature of a C. W. Beck & Sons home. We build our custom cabinets to fit your style and taste with your choice of Alder, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Redwood, or Cedar. Give your home that earthy, woodsy smell with our cabinets! Looking for more wood work? Exposed beams and posts, hand and chair rails, stairwells and open balcony rails, twisting their way out of some folk tale long ago, can add that historical, heritage spice. Cabinetry by C.W. Beck & Sons never fails to astonish. Structurally engineered for space saving and modern living and wrapped in a beautiful finish. Our wood work is beautificent!

Our finish carpentry is pure world building, from crown molding, dental molding, and flex molding trimming out your walls, to textured, venetian plaster or wainscot bedecking them. All the oh, so lovely crown molding touches and more- raised panel, fluted columns, pilasters, arches, base board, casing, door jambs, window stools and aprons, and window trims- create your world in your home.

C.W. guarantees professional tolerances and quality controls are observed to insure heritage quality is built into your project!