Custom Luxury Homes

Having a deep love of culture, C.W. Beck unlocks the past with each home he builds. C.W., a world traveler himself, can take you anywhere with his masterful, period correct homes. The detailed nuisances of the old world with all the luxury amenities of a modern estate crafted to bring you to the curtained white archways of Bogota, a wayside paradise in the Balkans, the leafing rod iron gates of Spain, a lordly manor house in England, the marbled courts of Budapest, the romantic spires of Prague, and countless of other beautiful estates that with C.W. Beck and Sons you can call home.

Choose Your Style

  • Art Deco
    The elegant, decorative art style of ’The Great Gatsby' film characterized by the use of angular, symmetrical geometric forms. Let us recreate the era of 1922 with a home that marries vintage to modern. Historically Art Deco began to be used in design and architecture as a Modernist reaction agains the Art Nouveau style.
  • Beach / Coastal / Caribbean
    Large window’s framing the landscape, open rooms, wrap around decks and balconies, and all the bold choices of a home designed to let the beauty of it’s surroundings inside.
  • Bungalow
    A home built for comfort and meant for a private retreat. If your choice is a cozy bungalow, start by seeing yourself sitting, sipping lemonade from a broad front porch, or watering the flower box from the dormer windows.
  • Cabin
    A getaway designed for the family. Whether you are going for a hunting lodge approach or a traditional mountain feel, your cabin will be designed for relaxation and adventure ready. This open design cabin lets in the landscapes as well as all the family for the holidays.
  • Cape Cod / New England
    A little slice of the 17th century. This popular cottage style traces its origins to colonial New England and is characterized by its low/broad profile, and is generally a story and a half tall, with a steeply pitched roof and end gables. This is the quintessential American cottage style. Cozy and efficient with symmetrical exteriors beautifully embellished with shutters and window boxes. Nothing says "home sweet home" quite like Cape Cod cottages.
  • Castle
    Some of us like the idea of a moat and drawbridge. Whether it’s inspired by a historical Castle or something you dreamed up, let’s get your family crest hanging over the Great Room where each rustic slab of wood and each piece of stacked stone creates a home set out of time and space. From the winding steps of your tower down to the dungeons where you keep a dart board, be the king of your castle.
  • Colonial / Early American
    The colonial style of our County’s forefathers is still very much alive. The influences of British architecture upon a new world resulted in these charming homes; With many archways, white greek-style wood columns, dormer windows with shutters, wanes coating, dental trims, and brick work and wood siding. Are you dreaming of a long driveway lined with oaks leading to this estate surrounded by rose gardens? Live the dream with us.
  • Contemporary / Modern
    This lifestyle concept home features an open flexible, floor space and makes extensive use of natural light with clerestory windows. It already sounds like an artist’s dream living space. It is. The Modern home has an irregular, asymmetrical façade and strong, geometric shapes. With an floor plan in L, T, H or U shape this home is designed to embrace outdoor space. Because “form follows function,” these homes are built with sustainable, eco-friendly materials such as bamboo flooring and granite countertops. Green heating, air-conditioning and plumbing systems to conserve energy are also available. For a home that is warm, inviting and connected with the outdoors, build contemporary.
  • Cottage
    All of the luxuries and amenities one could imagine in a sweet, cozy home. Done in French and English styles. Featuring bay windows, thatched roofing, exposed brick fireplaces and chimneys, and other romanic touches. Historically, a cottage was the writer’s choice of abode. That same privacy and comfort they built into this style then is awaiting you now.
  • Country / Farmhouse
    A taste of American heritage. The earliest homes that we can call true farmhouses were those built by early colonial families of the 1700s. Distinctive features of the farmhouse include wraparound porches, Queen Anne posts and railings, multiple fireplaces, a large living room, gabled and hipped roofing, wood frame construction and clapboard siding, and other decorative details that exude a warm homey feel. Does the Mrs. want a spacious country kitchen with plenty of room for a big rustic table? This might just be your style; an old-fashioned sense of home.
  • Courtyard
    These homes first appeared in the Middle East in 6400 B.C. Like trees surrounding an oasis, this house wraps around a courtyard. Built for a sunbathed terrain in Spanish, Mediterranean, and Adobe styles (but not limited to) and designed to capture the scenic beauty of gardens, water features, and paths, the Courtyard home owner is set for for a lifetime of family barbecues, sun-bathing, and gardening.
  • Craftsman
    A truly American house built with a combination of natural materials such as wood and stone. Constructed with exposed roof rafters and a low-pitched, gabled (often hipped) roof. Boasting tapered columns and full or partial width porches, this home is perfect for the outdoorsman or woman. The honest and simple appeal of the craftsman- specific to your taste, is waiting to be “crafted” for you.
  • European
    This is what living abroad without ever leaving home looks like. Your home can have all the romance of the old World, all the spice of the Renaissance, all the culture of a Tudor estate; The raw influence and style of an Alpine chalet, a French Country chateau, an English Manor house, and more. Want to step into a sunlit room torn from the pages of history? We bring Europe to you with period correct mastery.
  • Florida
    You might hazard a guess that this style comes from Florida. You would be right. Finished in stucco, with white greek-style columns, and clay roofing, Florida homes are designed to be open, dramatic with high ceilings and often include covered, rear porches. The exterior is most often done in light creams and yellows with white decorative trims. Throw a few palm trees out front and grab your umbrella drink, because paradise is about to become home.
  • French Provincial
    French country homes are inspired by the rustic manors that dot the fields of France. That white marbled mantel where your family portrait is going to rest, is just one of the stately touches of a French home. Whether you want your home built boldly in a square, symmetrical shape with windows balanced on either side of the entrance, and a steep hipped roof or built with some flair in an asymmetrical shape, with multiple roof elements creating a series of visual focal points; your getting a slice of France. Gorgeous interior exposed brick with exposed ceiling beams, Juliet balconies covered in ivy, French slate copper singles, stone and stucco and brick exteriors, round towers and entryways hidden beneath rustic arches are but a few more of the characteristics of your soon to be chateau.
  • Georgian
    Presidential. The White House and much of our historical building are done in this style. Elaborate. A house can’t exactly be arm candy, but this style is easy on the eyes. Georgian. Based on English design and named for their King George, “God save him.” Made of either wood or brick, this style graciously beckons guests in through the central front door, passing under the carved pediment. Waltz out onto the curved portico with your husband, in a home where you are the First Lady. This doesn’t have to be a dream. The decorative trims, the corbels, the history can be the place you call home. You don’t even have to run for office. You dream it, we build it.
  • Gothic Revival
    This style can trim out an adorable gingerbread cottage or bedeck a cathedral-esque living space with the grandeur of a castle. The roof will have a steep pitch because the style favored sweeping upwards with height an grandeur. To be genuinely Gothic this style needs flying buttresses, pointed archways, and vaulted ceilings. We will add the occasional gargoyle as it suits you!
  • Greek Revival
    You could almost believe you were stepping into a Greek temple, passing by the tall marble columns except this version doesn’t require a toga. Greek revival homes feature a symmetrical, formal shape inspired by Greek architecture and democracy. Fancy that. This historic home design features a frontal row of tall columns topped with a pediment, crafted in wood and covered in plaster, then painted in white to create the illusion of stone; it also features a horizontal transom over the front door, with exterior and interior bold but simple moldings, and framed dormer windows on the second story, with embellishments of pilasters and pediments. We are ready to build it, toga ready!
  • Mediterranean
    To the touch the marble columns are cool with earthy tones veining out in all directions. Exposed wood beams jut out boasting their carved, yet rugged beauty. Perched on a balcony ledge, you allow your legs to dangle over to the red tiled roof below. Your back is against the cool stucco walls and your body is shaded by the Roman archway just above. You would have stayed there forever, but for the knock on the large, heavy wooden door with ornate carvings. Going down the curving staircase, you pause on the last step made of marble and allow your thoughts to wander to the multicolored tiles that are laid out decoratively there. This is where you are thinking how much you love everything about your Mediterranean home. You dream it, we build it.
  • Midwestern
    Does the distant horizon, the sun setting over the grasslands, and the landscape of the prairie call to you? If so, this is your style! Crafted with natural materials in neutral colors, this home is constructed with an emphasis on horizontal lines. The Craftsman and Bungalow styles have also influenced the Midwest House.
  • Neoclassical
    A timeless and classical home, reminiscent of both the Greek and Roman world. During the 20th century, this was the home of choice for the upper classes. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and the U.S. Supreme Court were built in the Neoclassical style. Perfect symmetry, form, and balance give this style a unique purity. Tall Doric columns stand watch over the elaborate doorways with their decorated surrounds and pediments, while the windows look out on the world with their double-hung sashes, each of eight panes evenly spaced across the home’s facade and flanked by shutters. Somewhere from within this stately, grand home comes the sweet strains of a piano, your piano.
  • Northern
    Constructed to keep the sub zero temperatures out, this rain and snow resistant style can be found dotting much of America’s upper continent. Steeply pitched with dormer windows and metal roofing, you’ll be keeping winter outside and a cheery fireplace or two, inside. A combination of metal and rich woods make this home both functional and picturesque. The focus of this style is to live dangerously, but warmly. It’s time to get snug and cozy in a energy efficient, insulated home where you don’t constantly have to fix leaks, or reroof, or sit two inches from the fire in every piece of clothing you own. Engineered and constructed for your comfort- the enduring, long lasting Northern Home.
  • Northwestern
    Simplicity of design and the strong use of natural materials define this home’s character. It’s informal interiors are built in an open layout with plenty of windows to let in the outside views. It is mostly made of wood and accented by metals, with a medium to low pitched roof and deep overhangs. Your Northwestern home is flooded with light and the new morning views of a sunrise. Or it soon will be.
  • Olde Florida
    Once the Dons of Spain built homes in the New World, bringing the influence of the Mediterranean with them. Florida is very much infused with the Spanish style. Olde Florida displays the colors and architectural heritage of the “Olde" World. It is however unique to Florida as it’s sturdy construction lends itself well to the climate, and contributes to a low maintenance home which is easily cooled and well insulated from our sub-tropic heat. Looking to build a utilitarian home with high ceilings, expansive porches, and tall windows? Let’s build it Olde Florida style!
  • Plantation
    The sprawling porches and grand pillared entryways that frame the front of this spacious estate come with a rich sense of regional history. The Plantation home shares the graceful symmetry and proportions of the Greek Revival, Neoclassical, and Federal style homes, having the same dramatic center entrances, deep porches, sweeping balconies, and white columns. Stepping inside a world of Southern charm, the interior is heavily detailed with glazed calico textiles, wood trims and high ceilings. Do a reel in front of the large french windows that swing in letting a refreshing breeze whistle by, because this just became your home. You dream it, we build it.
  • Prairie
    With a modern, earthy design this style is made with natural materials such as stucco, stone, and wood. It is often built in layered levels to give the roof many visual focal points. This is the kind of home you want to walk barefoot in with your hair down.
  • Ranch
    Home, home on the Range. The cowboy, rancher’s way of life molded this unique style. Built in rustic woods with hearty stone accents, this rugged home doesn’t shy away from the tromp of boots. Featuring an open layout and clerestory widows that let in the scenic views of your ranch, as well as loft areas and niches for private retreats. Sitting with your feet to the large hearth with a dog or two and the Mrs. could just be the your manly version of happily ever after.
  • Scottish
    A cozy, regal highland retreat would be ideal for your clan. Stone hewn on bay windows and half timber framing to finish the rugged castle like home creates a bold, timeless exterior. Throw in a tower and long halls, huge fireplaces and hearths, and you’ve made yourself at home in the Scottish way! Also, an armory wouldn’t be overdoing it in the least.
  • Shelter
    Inspired by the natural environment and geometrical patterns and blending in to the green world around it, the style of eco-friendly home is the minimalist’s dream. Perfect for off the grid retreats. It leaves a very small footprint and simplifies your living space. The Shelter Style clever and inventive, modern home waiting to tuck you away in the landscape.
  • Southern
    A way down South in Dixie there be wrap around porches for sipping sweet tea, bless your darling heart. Constructed with all the sass of a Plantation home, except in miniature. The Southern home for the Southern lifestyle.
  • Southwestern / Santa Fe
    Designed for a tranquil lifestyle. The exterior is a sand colored adobe terra cotta (baked earth), embellished with wooden poles, and a spanish clay roof. The Interiors are painted in cool colors or finished in light adobe clay or stucco, with stone or white wood floors. The ceilings posses the beautiful focal points of vitas (rough hewn rafters). Accenting the doors and windows in turquoise is a lovely touch to this truly earthen home.
  • Spanish
    Mi casa su casa! This home’s central focus is building a luxurious living space for the family. The Spanish home is stylized with a white stucco exterior and a clay tile roof meant to emulate the missions, with arcaded porches, corridors with arches, exposed beams, and large square pillars and bell towers. Wrought iron work embellishes the windows and doors. Every nuance of Spanish and Mediterranean influence is in play for your family home.
  • Split Level
    A ranch house with flare. The suburban invention has an open layout with wings of varying heights and a second story on one side. This layout is extremely family friendly and can be done in many different types of materials. Brick, stucco, or wood siding. Need some elbow room? It might just be time to build a split level home.
  • Territorial
    The Territorial Revival style gets its name from the building styles during the Mexican and American territorial periods. Characterized by simple textures, usually brick or adobe, and the appearance of Gothic or Greek-style trimmings and accented with exposed beams and columns. This is the kind of home that boldly declares it’s territory!
  • Traditional
    Looking for old fashioned charm? The Traditional Style home is constructed for comfortable living rather than architectural design. But while it’s simple, this living space is built for relaxation.
  • Tudor Revival
    Tudor Revival homes look as though they have been read out of a fairytale. Steeply pitched, multi-gabled roof lines dramatically plunge the eaves down, sometimes as far as the ground level, while it’s massive stone or brick chimneys boast elaborate chimney pots. The exterior finish of this home is graced with the decorative half-timber framing that Tudor homes are famous for. The noble materials used to build the exterior of this home are brick, stone, stucco or slate. Pass under the arched entryways, outlined with decorative masonry or stonework, to look out the diamond patterned window panes. Tudor Revival homes come in bold and beautiful, with a little magic thrown in.
  • Victorian
    This style flowered during the reign of Queen Victoria. Ornate, large, and imposing 2-3 stories, finished in wood siding of vibrant earth tones- which is dressed up with scalloped shingles, patterned masonry, or half-timbering, and decorative trim called “gingerbread.” This style is constructed in a complicated, asymmetrical shape having wings and bays in many directions. The roof on Victorian home can often have steep, grandiose rooflines with many gables facing in different directions and rounded towers with pointed spires. So, parasol in hand, walk out onto your Victorian home’s wraparound porch with Queen Anne ornamental spindles and brackets, and make yourself at home in vogue.
  • West Indies
    We create a true to style British West Indies home with a clean, contemporary feel on the interior and a polished exterior that stands out against the skyline. From gauzy curtained archways on your home’s front porch, to the Island look of a light stucco finish, clay roofs, and stone paved pathways, this is the genuine article; the real thing. This style is constructed with an open layout, designed to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Step inside, onto the cool travertine floors the color of sand and break out the coconuts!
  • Let's Build!
    ​And there you have it! From any corner of the world, to any modern concept, to that living space you call home. Let's build it today!