​​Let there be light. C.W. Beck and Sons offers both new service electrical and repair. Every aspect of our electrical building process is done to the NEC code, and there is no exception. Safety and efficiency is planed into every project. With a thorough knowledge the code both C. W. Beck and Sons tackles the intricate world of main panels and sub-panel installation,branch circuits, lighting circuits, equipment circuits, equipment disconnects, landscaping circuits, GFCI, AFCI, circuit breakers, and all to bring you your choice of fluorescent lighting, incandescent lighting, LED lighting, recessed lighting, can lighting, under cabinet lighting, pendant lighting, bathroom lighting, track lighting, kitchen lighting, and home theater lighting.

The electrical for ceiling fans, chandeliers, and sconces slide right into our services. And in more electrical speak- Romex wire, ridged conduit, EMT conduit, PVC conduit, gang box, single pole, double pole, three way switch, four way switch, duplex plugs, tamperproof plugs, appliance plugs, etc- we will have your home ready to be lit up like christmas!