The finishing touches are the essence of your home. Choose from an outside exterior of smooth stucco, sand lace stucco, cat face stucco, old world marbled finish stucco, natural stone veneer, traditional brick veneer with coin corners, or wood siding. Any one or combination of these exteriors will lend itself to the style statement of your home. Coupling your exterior design with the roof tiles you choose- boom! An even bolder look! Some options are using a clay roof tile, or cement roof tile, or slate roof tile, or composition asphalt shingles, etc.

At C.W. Beck and Sons we are passionate about craftsmanship. Our finish carpentry is work a king would be proud of. From crown molding, dental molding, and flex molding trimming out your walls, to textured, venetian plaster or wainscot bedecking them. All the oh, so lovely crown molding touches and more- raised panel, fluted columns, pilasters, arches, base board, casing, door jambs, window stools and aprons, and window trims. You could make a religion of it!

Cabinetry, exposed beams and posts, hand & chair rails, and other hardwood trimmings of Alder, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Redwood, or Cedar, can give your home that blessed, woodsy smell; Or stairwells and open balcony rails of rod iron, twisting their way out of some folk tale long ago can add that historical spice. The mason’s work of brick can be your home’s hearth where the family gathers to hear stories by the fireplace. Let’s build your home with your tastes!

We use premium paint grade. Colors of your choosing. And apply it with the use of an industrial paint spray gun for that flawless veneer or texture you love. In the finer details of your home, we use the good old paint brush and other traditional tools of painting. We use only professional techniques that yield professional results,

Tile installation is yet another expression of a homebuilder’s art. Motifs and Mosaics are pictures made of small stone pieces that can go in your backsplash or front entrance or shower, etc. From these to your choice of natural stone, limestone, marble, travertine, granite, or tile porcelain floors, C.W. Beck and Sons calks in some really beautiful tile work!

The finishes bring your home to all but finished! With that last inspection, you’ll be moving in to home, sweet (incredibly beautiful, massively luxurious) home.