Structural Concrete

Now we are talking ‘foundation.’ The foundation is the most important aspect to the structural integrity and safety of your home. A lot more goes into this than just backing the cement truck up and pouring cement. A foundation needs to be designed to have an adequate load capacity and designed to withstand the tremors of an earthquake. Serious stuff. C. W. Beck and Sons takes extreme pride in their foundations. That pride looks like a lot of man hours getting it just right.

We are talking about embedding the footings in the soil at the appropriate depth, about hold down bolts resisting the uplift of the walls because they are installed with precision, about grade beams with the special shaping needed to your specific project, about using the right formwork on building pads, about reinforcing the foundation with pilasters, about the getting the ‘rough in plumbing’ right before the pour, about the ‘slab on grade’ poured to form an integral footing, about accounting for crawl spaces, about reinforcing rods strengthening retaining walls, about seismic retrofitting your foundation to be resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes, about columns & beams that serve a very real purpose, and poured in place concrete that give you that final, finished foundation. We are talking about your foundation done right.