Structural Framing

The hum of the table saw and the smell of sawdust is about to get real. C.W. Beck and Sons structural framing ranges with the engineering of your home. What may seem like a myriad of columns and beams, girders, spandrels, and trusses connected to one another with the the columns anchored in the foundation, is the very structural framing that is going to protect the space you call home. From baring walls, shear walls, moment frames, strong walls, hardy walls, rake walls, balloon walls, to pony walls – yee haw- your home will be an engineered, earthquake resistant and wind proof masterpiece. Getting into the details of framing, we’ll be using conventional floor joists, TJI floor joists, floor sheathing, hold down posts, headers, drag struts, and seismic joints, again specific to your house plans.

The second act of framing- the roof. Getting up there, we are going to bust out either conventional roof framing, or a truss roof, throw in some hips, gables and dormers as specified in the plans, and make this bulwark of wood really pop! The framing for sky lights, fireplace chases, balconies, penetrations, windows, doors, etc. all happens here. Followed by either conventional stairs, radius stairs, and all stair wells. Even as a frame, your home is going to be hard not to drive by and look at for hours. There’s no shame in it! C.W. is guilty of just this!